Janitorial Closet Organization

Janitorial Closet Organization

Hannah Stead

A clean and tidy Janitorial closet may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of building appearance, however first impressions do matter regardless of what industry you’re in.

You always want your facility to look it’s best and that includes the Janitorial closet.


The benefit of starting with an organized and clean janitorial closet is that it sets your cleaning team up for success, while also showing that you are serious about sanitation and hygiene.


A dirty cleaning closet could cause visitors to doubt the cleanliness or safety of the premises. If there’s disorganization and mess it could appear as though your business is the same way. Are their protocols in place such as sign out sheets for cleaning tasks or inventory lists? Are cleaning products labelled properly?  Without these things in place, it could be perceived that there aren’t proper cleaning procedures or adequate supplies to properly care for the facility.


Employees and Visitors need the assurance that hygiene and cleanliness are being prioritized throughout the facility, and that it is as important to you as it is to them.


If you think of your Janitorial closet as a representation of your business, you want everything to be orderly inside.  If your company supports eco-friendly or health-conscious values, you would like these to be reflected by the products stored in your janitorial closet, should anyone happen to look inside.


However, having a clean and tidy janitorial closet is not all about impressions. These spaces can be sources of bacteria and virus transmission.  Any airborne germs landing on the floor, could potentially be transferred to hands and other surfaces by shoes or any equipment on the floor.  


One Study concluded that over 50% of contaminated items, in contact with the floor transferred pathogens to the hands, so keeping a clean and disinfected janitorial closet floor greatly reduces the transmission risk of germs.  


In summary,  it is well worth the time and energy to keep your Janitorial closet clean, due to the lasting impression on visitors, organization for the cleaning team and minimizing the risk of spreading pathogens.  Shop our Janitorial Carts: Here

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