What are the Benefits of an Auto Scrubber vs Mop & Bucket?


What are the Benefits of an Auto Scrubber vs Mop & Bucket?

Hannah Stead

When choosing either the mop & bucket method or an Auto Scrubber for your facility, there are several factors to consider. While an Auto Scrubber is more expensive, there is definitely a higher return on investment. Much less time is required to complete the cleaning process. A Mop & Bucket...

Why should you Degrease your Heavy Duty Vehicles & Equipment?

Hannah Stead

Why Clean and Degrease Heavy Equipment? Whether your working with an excavator, forklift, back hoe, tri axle truck or any other equipment your projects will see better results when these tools are working and looking their best! Regular preventative maintenance is a key part of any successful operation and inspires...

Do you have a Vehicle Detailing Checklist?

Hannah Stead

Save time and Guarantee a Sterling Detailing Job, with a Checklist! We have provided a Checklist , which you can download for free here

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