Janitorial Closet Organization


Janitorial Closet Organization

Hannah Stead

A clean and tidy Janitorial closet may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of building appearance, however first impressions do matter regardless of what industry you’re in. You always want your facility to look it’s best and that includes the Janitorial closet.   The...

Spring cleaning basics

Hannah Stead

Tips for planning your spring clean

Winter Carpet Care

Hannah Stead

The winter season creates a whole new challenge when it comes to carpet care. The dirt build-up from the summer and fall seasons, can wear out the carpet as it it becomes ingrained into the fibers from heavy traffic. However, the build-up is mostly dry during this time of year,...

What are the Benefits of an Auto Scrubber vs Mop & Bucket?

Hannah Stead

When choosing either the mop & bucket method or an Auto Scrubber for your facility, there are several factors to consider. While an Auto Scrubber is more expensive, there is definitely a higher return on investment. Much less time is required to complete the cleaning process. A Mop & Bucket...

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