What are the Benefits of an Auto Scrubber vs Mop & Bucket?

What are the Benefits of an Auto Scrubber vs Mop & Bucket?

Hannah Stead

When choosing either the mop & bucket method or an Auto Scrubber for your facility, there are several factors to consider.

While an Auto Scrubber is more expensive, there is definitely a higher return on investment. Much less time is required to complete the cleaning process.

A Mop & Bucket is less expensive, however the initial savings for equipment are likely to be spent on increased labor.

Switching to an Auto Scrubber can have the following benefits:

    1. Increased Staff Productivity
    2. Cleaner Floors
    3. Greater Safety
    4. Increased Ergonomics


  1. Increased Staff Productivity

Floor Cleaning can take up to 80% of Janitorial Staff’s time. This means it’s important to have good Equipment to make the most of this time.

Using a mop and bucket takes significantly longer than an auto floor scrubber.

Using an auto scrubber can make your team’s floor cleaning procedures more efficient and allow your team to clean your facility’s floors in less time. In fact, according to the same ISSA Study, with a 20-inch walk-behind scrubber, your team could clean up to 16,000 square feet in an hour or 9x times as much when compared to a mop and bucket. 

Shorter cleaning times mean that your janitorial team will be able to move on to other tasks that require attention. An auto scrubber will allow your team to do more and create a cleaner, healthier facility for your guests.


 2. Cleaner Floors

Clean floors are a priority for any facility, as they are the first thing people notice when they enter. Unclean floors can lead to a negative overall perception of your facility’s cleanliness, which can ultimately impact whether people return or not. 

The mop & bucket cleaning method, although traditional isn’t likely to achieve the desired cleaning level as it is not as precise as an auto scrubber.To clean, you must dip the mop in the cleaning solution when you move from area to area. When placing a dirty mop into the cleaning solution you can deposit dirt and bacteria from your floors back into the clean water and solution.

This method will often result in spreading dirt and bacteria further across floors. It can also create an illusion of a clean floor, while germs and bacteria haven’t been removed from floors.

On the other hand, Auto scrubbers entirely avoid this and Clean, Scrub and dry your floors in one pass.

Commercial floor scrubbers contain a solution tank and a recovery tank. One for storing the diluted cleaning product and the other for the dirty water.

An Auto Scrubber has a slurry recovery system, which suctions up dirty water & germs. This water is then held in the recovery tank, which never flows back onto the floor.

These two tanks, (cleaning product & dirty water) are never mixed in with each other , unlike the mop & bucket system.

As a result, floors cleaned with an Auto Scrubber are more sanitary as well as visibly cleaner, with no dirt being redeposited on the floor at any time.


3. Greater Safety

Another factor to consider when choosing facility cleaning methods, is safety.

When using the Mop and Bucket method, floors are left wet and will need additional time to dry. Wet Floors pose a risk to both staff and visitors to a building, especially when areas are opened to public before they are completely dry.

Therefore, the mop & bucket method requires more time to be set aside, as floors really must be fully dry before anyone should walk on it.

Long drying times and slip & falls risks can be avoided by using an Auto Scrubber instead.

The Auto scrubber has a recovery system containing a squeegee and vacuum that suctions up any remaining water on floors in just one pass.


4. Increased Ergonomics

The cleaning equipment used by your cleaning staff as well as how they use the equipment has an impact on the staff’s health and productivity.


The mop and bucket method requires a lot of manual labor to clean hard commercial floors. This increased manual labor leads to fatigue and overall reduced productivity.

With using mop and bucket there is also a risk of injury due to lifting mop buckets when emptying them. Floors may also have to be re-cleaned due to spills from the mop bucket.

The Strenuous labor of using a mop and bucket can be avoided with an auto scrubber, whether it be a ride on or a manual one with wheels to guide the machine.

In Summary:

Overall, you will experience greater cleanliness, safety, and productivity when using an auto scrubber instead of a mop and bucket.

While you can still clean your floors with a mop and bucket, the advantages of cleaning with an auto scrubber will increase Visitor satisfaction and create a more sanitary environment.

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