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Your 'go-to' for new project and existing facility maintenance.

In today's complex world, it can be challenging to find the right products and solutions to meet the specs of a new build project or even maintain an existing facility. General contractors and property groups have 'ad-hoc' needs that pop up everyday - wasting time and resource. From managing multiple properties or projects, to dealing with supplies that don't show up on time, Kwikcare partners with our clients to help them with their sourcing needs. Kwikcare understands the ever-evolving needs of our clients whether it be specification, corporate social responsibility, space and access restriction or lead times.

How do we do this? From our extensive family background in construction, Kwikcare applies a project mindset x extensive supply network x extreme customer service focus. We invite you to put us to the test!

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Furniture & Indoor

● Safes
● Visual Display
● Furniture
● Cabinets
● Tables & Chairs
● Reception Decor
● Shelving & Storage
● Floor Matting
● Signage
● Indoor Benches
● Recycle Stations
● Lockers
● Mailboxes
● Washroom Accessories

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Site Furnishings & Exterior

● Planters
● Bollards
● Barricades
● Garbage Receptacles
● Bike Racks
● Picnic Tables
● Park Benches
● Garbage Enclosures
● Salt Storage Bins
● Delivery Boxes
● Privacy Panels
● Smoker's Receptacles
● Patio Furnishings

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And More!

● Fasteners
● Tools
● Safety Supplies
● Biohazard Waste
● Shop Equipment
● Expansion Joint Materials
● Loading Docks Fixed & Modular
● Loading Docks Bumpers / Accessories
● Barricades & Modular Railings
● Storage Lockers
● Pavers & Patio Stones
● Patio Stone Pedestals & Levelers
● And More!

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