Go Rag Orange Wiper 20067 6/Case

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The Brawny® Professional D400 Disposable Shop Towel is designed for use in the Brawny® Professional automated dispenser whose technology delivers higher efficiency than cloth rags. The Brawny® Professional format replaces waste of bundles and bulk packs by dispensing "just what you need" to get the job done. The Brawny® Professional automated system is powered by four long-lasting standard D-cell batteries providing for easy and low maintenance requirements and dispenses 5 different wiper options for specific wiping needs and is designed to mount strategically near workers. Durable, high-capacity cabinet includes a locking mechanism to eliminate pilferage, protects wipers against airborne contaminates and reduces time wasted handling rags.

  • Automated one-at-a-time dispensing helps reduce waste and control costs.
  • Excellent alternative to bulk rags: delivers consistent size, shape, and quality.
  • Stronger than ordinary paper towels, yet soft enough for personal cleaning.
  • Super absorbent, DRC quickly soaks up water & oil and effectively cleans grease & grime.
  • Use with Brawny® Professional automated dispenser to position wipers near work areas.
  • BULK CLEANING WIPES tear off quickly and easily allowing users to tear off just what they need which may help reduce waste
  • COMPATIBLE WITH the BrawnyTM Professional Automated Shop Towel Dispenser (59465) Product Code: E3071
  • DISPOSABLE CLEANING WIPES soak up water & oil and clean grease & grime
  • DOUBLE RECREPED (DRC) INDUSTRIAL WIPES offer excellent bulk softness & absorption
  • DRC WIPES are great for soaking up spills or cleaning parts tools and equipment
  • MEDIUM-WEIGHT REUSABLE INDUSTRIAL CLEANING WIPES are a great substitute for bulk cleaning rags with consistent size shape & quality for all-purpose cleaning
  • THE AUTOMATED SHOP TOWEL DISPENSER (59465) Product Code: E3071 can be set to dispense 8” 12” or 16” towels helping minimize waste

6 Rolls per case