Crystal Foam - Upholstery Shampoo

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Individual - 539g/20 oz Aerosol- Inverted Spray
Case - 12x 539g/20 oz Aerosol- Inverted Spray
Individual - 1 US Gal/3.78L
Case - 4x1 US Gal/3.78L
Cube - 5 US Gal/18.9 L
Drum - 55 US Gal/208.2 L
Work Place Labels (Individual) - Crystal Foam
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Crystal Foam is a foaming shampoo for use on carpets and upholstery using the rotary scrub, dry foam or bonnet buff method. Crystal Foam develops a rich lather, which lifts and encapsulates soils and prevents redeposition. Residual foam dries to a brittle crystal, which vacuums out easily. Simple to use by hand, Crystal Foam can be used without an extractor. Soft on velours. Pleasantly scented.  Available in Right side up (A213) and Inverted (A212) nozzle Aerosols.