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Total Release Odor Eliminator is an aerosol-based odor eliminating formula that effectively destroys odors regardless of their source. This convenient formula can be used as a fogger or as a spot deodorizer making it the perfect choice for eliminating virtually any odor. Total Release Odor Eliminator combats the nastiest of smells, replacing them with an inviting pleasant scent! 

Total Release Odor Eliminator Propellant Atomizes the Ingredients Into an Extra Fine “Dry Mist”. Used as a Fogger or Odor Bomb a single can effectively treats up to 6,000 Cubic Feet. Does not affect your sense of smell. Used as Directed, it Will Not Harm Draperies or Other Fabrics. California / OTC VOC Compliant. 

Detailer's Secret: Spray on a Cotton Ball and Leave Under Your Car Seat

5oz can