Aqua Shield - Water/Silicone Dressing

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Individual - 1 US Gal/3.78L
Case - 4x1 US Gal/3.78L
Cube - 5 US Gal/18.9 L
Drum - 55 US Gal/208.2 L
Workplace Labels (Individual) - Aqua Shield
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Formulated using advanced polymer technology, AQUA SHIELD effortlessly restores rubber, vinyl, and plastic trim by strengthening, sealing, and shielding. The performance of AQUA SHIELD is parallel with its qualities; as a water-based dressing, AQUA SHIELD is environmentally friendly and V.O.C. compliant. Designed to provide a high gloss appearance. Non-flammable, ideal for safe use on the vehicle engine compartment. Desirable fresh fruity fragrance.