Heavy Duty Off-Road

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Construction companies often find it extremely challenging to clean and maintain their equipment given the mud, grease, and grime that goes with the game.

By keeping your equipment clean, it can help to significantly extend the lifecycle of your fleet as well as increase the value of the equipment when it gets traded in.

Whether it is a backhoe, dump truck, paver, concrete mixer, 30-ton excavator, stone slinger, rock truck, compactor, bulldozer, or trailer, KWIKCARE products are purpose built to perform. Clean equipment not only promotes and enhances a company’s brand, but it also makes the mechanic’s role easier when repairs and maintenance is needed.

KWIKCARE is pleased that we help so many companies in civil construction, equipment rental, fleets, bridge & highway construction, paving, landscaping, haulage, quarries, and mining to reduce the time and money it takes to maintain their HD equipment and fleets.


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