READY HEAT External Heating System


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  • Specifically engineered to improve the performance of your HEAT READY PREMIER models. Add heat to your HEAT READY machine anytime!
  • The only EXTERNALLY MOUNTED heater that you can add or remove in seconds. If the heater requires servicing, simply dis- mount and continue working with your PREMIER extractor while your heater is serviced.
  • The electrical components and heat element have received upgrades to ensure an even longer life.
  • Stainless steel tank and heat element eliminate corrosion and clogs that can disrupt your workflow.
  • Our 2000 Watt model offers 190-200 degrees (Fahrenheit) within 90 seconds.

Circuit Locator

So you’ve got two power cords and you need to find outlets on different circuits? No problem! Just plug the circuit locator with an extension cord into two wall outlets — the sensor instantly lights up when it’s good to go. Use it anytime for any equipment. Prevents tripped breakers and potential power overload by taking the guesswork out of locating separate circuits.

No reviews