15” Autoscrubber

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Control panel with display: for an easy and fast selection of all the main functions

Only 65 dB: ideal for day cleaning and in all the environments (hospitals, schools, ..) where silence is strictly required

Compact squeegee: large only 65 cm, and adjustable, for excellent drying results

A complete set of filters (+ the debris tray); to protect the main components and give to GHM38 the max reliability

Performance: high speed (up to 4,5 km/h), high productivity, remarkable running time (2h and more), top cleaning results.

Innovative design

Cleaning Path 15"

Squeegee width 18" cm

Solution tank filling hose

15" Polypropylene brush standard equipment

On board charger 24 V 5 A

Detacheble 50' electric cable

Detachable brush deck splashguard with bristles

Front + rear rubber blades

Motor   260 W

Detacheble electric cable            50'

CFM      68

Brush    Diameter 15”

Brush Driving Speed       130 RPM

Dimensions ( L x W x H) )             865 x 430 x 1160 mm

Weight Empty 88 lb (40 kg)

Noise Level         65 dB

Cleaning solution tank   15 l

Recovery tank   17 l

Productivity       m²/h 1.540


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