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The Premier Series carpet extractors come “heat-ready.” Life’s little decisions just got a whole lot easier! You can purchase any Premier without heat and if you change your mind, no problem. Simply order our optional Premier READY HEAT external heater, and away you go. Placing the heater on the outside of the extractor insures that everything on the inside of the machine runs cooler, extending the life of the vacuum and pump motors. The stainless steel heater tank is guaranteed for life. If a repair is necessary, simply lift the heater off the back of the machine. Meantime, you can continue to use the unit without heat and finish the job!

The Premier is very compact. Work vans are packed with equipment and this gives the contractor a special advantage with all this power in a small footprint.


The Premier Series are manufactured with the ability

to easily add the optional Premier READY HEAT external water heating system to the machine at anytime for on- demand heat. Using hot water when cleaning carpet with an extractor increases cleaning results and productivity dramatically, and reduces the overall cost of cleaning. On-demand heat is a productivity boosting option to have when cleaning heavily soiled carpets.

Features & Benefits

  • Exclusive heat-ready system offers the ultimate in versatility
  • External heater makes repairs a snap and keeps heat away from the motor compartment
  • Upright-mounted motors along with a special intercooler guarantee long life and durability
  • Standard 5-gallon bucket fits under drain valve for easy emptying
  • Opens quickly like a clamshell for easy servicing
  • Top-mounted switches
  • Sealed motor cavity insures that spills on the outside stay out
  • The Premier 500 offers 500PSI, Dual 3 Stage Vacs, 185” waterlift
  • Exclusive back mounted components make it easier to push the machine out of the way as you move back while cleaning
  • The back wheels protect all the components from damage during transport
  • The front and sides are “fittings free”, so it’s easy to load without damage, lying down or on its wheels with the casters locked
  • The back wheels protect all the components from damage during transport
  • Twist lock cord allows you to drop the cord in place and wheel the machine to a drain or toilet to fill or empty


No reviews